Feb 14

Supplementing In-House IT

Outsourcing is one of the most cost effective ways to manage IT, but it isn’t an all or nothing proposal for some businesses. Many larger businesses already have some form of in-house IT support function. Typically this in-house IT support takes the form of one or more IT generalists who have some working knowledge of all the various aspects that are required to make the business function. IT generalists typically have moderate to strong skill sets with PC repair and troubleshooting. They also have business specific experience also helps them to support the applications and processes that are critical to achieving business IT goals.

In the case where there already is an in-house IT presence, there are still a variety of challenges that must be met in order for a business to get the best overall IT experience. Where IT generalists tend to run into problems are with complex applications, advanced server solutions (virtualization, shared storage, high availability, clustering etc.) and big picture IT issues like effective disaster recovery planning. These IT functions require specialized training and tailored skill sets that are too costly for all but the largest of businesses to afford.

So how well do in-house IT generalists fit with outsourced managed IT services? Actually better than you might think. Managed IT services provide for best practices and solutions that are designed to provide maximum value to any business, but don’t require removal or replacement of existing staff. Using a hybrid approach where some IT functions remain in-house while others are outsourced can many times make for a very efficient use of limited resources. UnbreakableIT not only provides complete outsourced managed IT services, but also supplements existing IT support personnel.

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